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spying on our kids? what’s next?

FOX news is reporting on the Allegations of Spying by PA School System.  Where is our so-called “Safe” School Czar now?  Could it be he is reviewing the 42 admitted instances?  Considering Kevin Jennings outspoken opinions concerning homosexual “rights” within our school systems – It’s quite likely.

Most teens keep their lap top computers in their bedrooms.  Our teenagers have a right to privacy – in their homes and in their bedrooms.  So, what exactly were these teachers (and others) watching?  Could this be a path to governmental child-porn? 

Regardless, our school systems are NOT funded to spy on our kids, our families or our homes.  This is a blatant invasion of privacy and should be treated accordingly.


Silent No More

Last night, on FaceBook, I got into a heated debate with a 25 year old DC resident.  It wasn’t pretty.  He seemed to think – I had to respect his opinions.  Hmmmm – NOT.  Of course, I completely support the First Amendment and his right to voice his opinion, but to demand I respect his opinion itself…  WRONG.  That’s exactly why this Republic is where it is today.  We’ve been silent too long

Are we getting “rude”?  Perhaps, but it seems that’s the only language that gets their attention.  So rude, if necessary, it will become.