Average American Woman

I sincerely believe myself to be an average American woman.  I am not a member of NOW, nor am I a member of a religious cult.  I strongly believe the Constitution of the United States of America ensures my God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That’s not a cliché to me.  It  never has been.  The Constitution acknowledges, that I, an American Citizen, can be ANYTHING I want to be.  But with that freedom comes responsibility!  My responsibility to myself!  The Constitution does NOT guarantee that I WILL become whatever I want to be, It simply and specifically states that the government – any government – will NOT hinder me in MY efforts. 

 As Martin Luther King, Jr. declared… “I have a dream….”  My dream, for myself, is NOT subject to the current government’s whim and fancy.  I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother.  My future is MY responsibility.  I am smart enough to know there will come a time when I need assisted care, of some sort.  I am smart enough to know living will still cost-even when my husband is no longer “making a living”.

Has our government become so elitist to suggest that MY dream is un-desirable?  To quietly live my life as “Grammy” on a modest income?  – Is this not grand enough, or enlightened enough or progressive enough?

I’ve spent many years as a stay-home-mom married to a small town cop.  Cops don’t make much money these days….  We had so-so medical insurance through our county (at approximately 20% of his take-home pay), with NO dental or vision care offered.  We did the best we could do with what we had. 

Why didn’t I take an outside job?  Hmmmm, well, probably because (remember the constitution here), I happened to believe the best investment of MY time/energy was to be with my kids, molding them, teaching them, KNOWING them…..  (Call me ol’fashioned).  

I now have four grown children and three delightful grandchildren.  I am still guiding and molding and assisting – in what I believe to be a worthy cause – the future of my family, my community and my country. 


And from my investment, what have I gained?  Four great kids; Honest, dependable, tax-paying citizens; Loving, caring family ties; A genuine sense of Accomplishment.    My Life’s Goal realized.

And what do I plan to gain in further investment of time/energy?  A lifetime of care and comfort returned to me by the very family I was so earnestly committed to.

There are those who will now implore:  “You would saddle your own family with such a burden?”   My response is rather straightforward.

Ohhhhh Please!  I do not believe, with current planning, that my care will be THEIR burden.   Inconvenient at times?  No doubt! 

But – the question begs – “Would I saddle my children, grandchildren and likely beyond –  to caring for the entire world?”  HELL NO! 

The current log in the congressional fire is HealthCare Reform (oxymoron).  But it goes far beyond a single oxymoron –  No, it goes towards  full entitlement !  It further opens the doors to a “fundamental transformation” of which I have NO desire.  It moves us away from those very principles which founded this great Republic.  It strips the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. 

For this – I WILL NOT STAND!


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