Stand Up for Your Beliefs

Two articles appeared in today’s news that give me hope.  The first one regards a small town in Oregon that is fighting to keep the hate group “Aryan Nation” out of their community.  The small town of John Day, Oregon is banding together in resistence.  The groups national leader, Paul Mullet says the group will continue its efforts to relocate there – DESPITE the citizens.  So far no real estate office is willing to take them on as a client. 

And too, in Denver Colorado, the Archbishop defends a Catholic School’s decision to not allow two children from a lesbian home to continue past the current class.   

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said it was a “painful situation,” but the decision by Sacred Heart of Jesus parish school in Boulder was in line with church teachings.

We must all stand up for our beliefs.  The time of blind tolerance is over.  Those who would deny us our faith, can no longer bully.  The politically correctness must end!  Progressives will NOT stop shoving THEIR twisted morals on our country – we MUST stand up for ourselves.


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