Flash Mobs

For “fun,” groups of amoral young thugs-in-training are roaming the streets of Philadelphia, intimidating passers-by and sometimes attacking them.

The police are trying to crack down on so-called flash mobs, marauding bands of teenage pinheads with little or non-existent parental supervision, by threatening to hold parents responsible.  About damn time.

The New York Times reports… and concludes that these kids just need more afterschool activities.  Well, how about getting a job?  How about doing your homework, helping out around the house?  How about reading a BOOK! 

No, these kids – aided with expensive technology… cellphones, twitter accounts, etc.  have nothing better to do then strut around like the THUGS THEY ARE!  Parents should be held responsible.  If you’re old enough to spread your legs, old enough to give birth… Then you damn well are old enough to raise these kids.

What’s happened is this uncontrolled tribe of “discontented youth” (sarcasm) has turned into a true, terroristic threat to the law abiding folks around them.


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