Bob Bennett.. The first of many….

Bob Bennett may be the first Scalp of the Democratic Party!  It seems he may not win his (incumbent) party’s nomination for the upcoming election.  In interviews he feels, once the convention starts… He may be able to “convince” them.  Well, I think he’s about to learn that politics has changed……..

Bob… Let me try to explain something here, … The “one-on-one” time and the “let me explain it clearly” crap isn’t going to flush anymore. See, for too many years now we’ve listened to your spin, … Frankly, its made us sick to our stomachs… So- Instead, we – the American Voters – will be taking the time to read your voting history, pull up bios and news articles on our own. The MSM is a less effective tool now, – their bias is unquestionable. Sooo.. Now that the sleeping giant has awakened, we’ll be making up our own minds, we’ll be voting from our hearts and not because of a flashy logo, or a ‘pat-excuse’, well scripted as it may be….
I’m sure, as we bid you farewell, that you and your family will continue to receive a generous retirement package, unlimited benefits and, no doubt, a cushy little czar job – if you play your cards right….

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/05/07/republican-sen-bob-bennett-could-be-first-incumbent-in-six-decades-to-lose-partys-nomination/#ixzz0nLDTYF8k

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