Certainly, the illegal immigration issue is one that must be tackled. In my opinion, it is by-far the most pressing issue of the day. Amnesty is not the answer, however. To back away from law, to forsake those words – debated, voted upon and enacted- are we not sending a toxic message to the world? Are we not expressing contempt for our own process? Are we not saying that anyone, anytime – at their whim – can simply walk onto our soil and DEMAND the right’s of a citizen? Are we not, thereby, stealing from citizens to sustain a NONcitizen’s every need, and many of their ‘wants’?

I too, remember how much better our home-life was in the 60’s (rural Virginia)… I remember the pride I felt while learning American History. I felt the deep love of country that pride produced. But sadly, that pride has been usurped, stolen from our children. American Pride has been diluted by the flags of many nations. Our “progressive” friends, in all their bleeding-heart glory, have taken from my children something I value greatly!

I grew up believeing I was special… because I was an AMERICAN. I was special because of the words, deeds and actions of our founding fathers. That they believed soooo strongly in freedom for themselves and their children’s children… That they fought and died to save us from future tyranny.

I remember studying about the Statue of Liberty, about the wonderful immigrants that flocked to our great land, searching for individual freedom. They had to work to learn our laws, our language, and our fundamental beliefs. For this effort, they not only gained a new homeland, but they too, felt PRIDE… Anxious to work, grow and profit as an American. They too, were exceptional!

Illegal immigration is an entirely different matter. There’s been no petition, no respect – for our laws, our history, or our citizens. They’ve not had to consider the responsibilities of citizenship.  They don’t understand the difference in “pursuit of happiness” and “happiness” itself….

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself.”

Far too many, both citizens and non-citizens- need to understand the difference.

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