Liar, Liar – Pants on fire

I’ve said it before:
Republican, Democrat or Independent… Black, White or Purple, …… Christian, Jewish or Muslim…. Regardless – A Liar is a Liar!

At every turn, the American people are being lied to by their elected representatives. They lie to GET in office, they lie to STAY in office and they continue to lie, even once they’re OUT of office (Slick Willy).

In most cases, these lies are obvious ones, to the point that a simple fact-check will open the door. We have wrongly assumed the press would do this “investigating” in the past. Boy, were we gullible!

What really concerns me at this point is that we can’t CHECK Obama’s past because so much of it has been hidden from American Citizens. If nothing else, I’m a realist. He’s from Illinois, he’s a democrat, he has a harvard degree, he has already broken almost every one of his campaign promises (not that I personally believe any of them), he’s skirted issues, delayed explanations, bowed to every other country on the planet, he’s denounced our way of life and twisted our constitution to near non-recognition – All in 18 months.

Fellow Americans, please, vet your representatives yourself, at EVERY level. Read their official bios, read their voting records, read their books (use the library, don’t line their pockets), Ask QUESTIONS of the officials and of the media.

We are, in my opinion, already in a civil-war of sorts – Let us pray this one is fought, not with guns and weapons of destruction, but rather with knowledge and our VOTES. We, the American voters, are the sharp-shooters of this conflict – We must ensure our ammo is true and our eye focused.

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