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Pelosi Spends $18,736 PER MONTH on Office rent

The House Speaker’s district office in the new federal building in San Francisco costs a whopping $18,736 a month — the highest rental paid by any member of the House — or, more precisely, the highest rental paid by taxpayers on behalf of a member of the House. The rental price was reported by Roll Call on Monday.  (Published June 14, 2010|


I dare say this is half an year’s income for many American Taxpayers – spent in ONE MONTH.
Spending $224,832 a year for an office is absolutely insane. (Does it include utilities?) Add to this, her private, not-stop jet which shuttles her, at OUR expense, from sea to shining sea, literally! Don’t forget the little Copenhagen excursion – The plane filled with friends, admirers, press and the booze, food and – – those niceties only cost us, what? $102,000?

Damn right, she has “Spending Fatique”… She should be EXHAUSTED!
These people are NOT entitled to these PERKS. Go to Washington, do your business and GO HOME. This back and forth, hop-skip-jump, campaigning and ‘spinning’ of rhetoric is TOO DANG EXPENSIVE!

Get realistic people… USE our money wisely, stop throwing it away for your personal comfort. You AREN’T royalty…. Stop acting as if you were!


Illegals and the 14th Amendment

The 14th Ammendment was written to ensure former-slaves and their children were guaranteed citizenship. Obviously, a challenge to that interpretation must be made to the Supreme Court.

Illegals made a choice to enter this country against the laws of the United States of America. They also made a choice when giving birth to a child here. Their next choice should be – deportation with or without their child.

This is a harsh statement, but one I’ll stand behind. Illegals have used these children as pawns in an open attempt to validate their own presence and to establish entitlement for countless programs intended to assist Americans – Not the illegal parents of so-called “Anchor Babies”

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