Illegals and the 14th Amendment

The 14th Ammendment was written to ensure former-slaves and their children were guaranteed citizenship. Obviously, a challenge to that interpretation must be made to the Supreme Court.

Illegals made a choice to enter this country against the laws of the United States of America. They also made a choice when giving birth to a child here. Their next choice should be – deportation with or without their child.

This is a harsh statement, but one I’ll stand behind. Illegals have used these children as pawns in an open attempt to validate their own presence and to establish entitlement for countless programs intended to assist Americans – Not the illegal parents of so-called “Anchor Babies”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/06/15/opponents-attack-arizona-state-senators-proposal-to-crack-down-on-illegal-immigrants-anchor-babies/#ixzz0qwFm7MOW


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