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Sen. Baucus admits he never read ObamaCare!

This wasn’t “lite” legislation.  This was and IS a big deal… Just ask Biden!  Yes, Senator, we most certainly expected you – and every elected member of congress – to read it… each and every word of it! 

We PAY you … a ridiculously high salary, unlimited perks and a lifetime of comfort !!  We expect you to do your job ! 

Why did it have to be done NOW?  What was the rush?  Why couldn’t you take the time and read it?  Who exactly was shoving you to vote, vote, vote?  Did you not hear your friends and neighbors asking congress to slow down?  Did you not hear the voters from your district when they called and begged you explain it to them?  Did you not see the concern etched deeply in the faces of the majority of American Citizens who protested … constantly for weeks?  And with all this chaos you didn’t think it was necessary to read the damn bill?

You were nothing but oil in this administration’s machine, that’s why!  You used the life, liberty and constitutional freedoms of <b>your</b> constituents as lubrication…!

Do you not recognize the importance of your responsibility to the people who elected you?  Do you have no honor?  No Character?  Where are your work ethics?  When will you take your vow of public service seriously?

I’ll tell you when,….  When you’re alone, rejected and writing your memoirs!


Teachers Cheat!

Two newlywed teachers jetted to Italy for a honeymoon. Another couple flew to sunny Aruba for a romantic getaway. And a school cook took her two kids – students at her school – on a cruise.

At least 13 teachers, classroom aides and school cooks broke Education Department rules and either lost their jobs or paid steep fines, reports by Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon show.

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No, Robert – what’s unfair is that you have no ethics! The bottom line here is this: You, Robert are paid very well for your “work”… You have wonderful benefits, much better than the average American worker… You are paid to teach OUR children… And instead of being a good example to our young, you lie and cheat to get your way…. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO LEARN ! In my not so humble opinion, you should not have been fined.. You should have been FIRED and further, your teacher’s certification should be revolked!
Liars, theives and cheats have NO place in our schools!


Time for Term Limits

About every 20 years or so, it seems to me, we have to ‘clean house’… To avoid this disruptive, unethical behavior from continually repeating itself, we must demand “Term Limits”.

The founding fathers “assumed” those ’servants’ would be elected from the people, would serve the people and then would RETURN to the people (their communities).

Instead, we have been saddled with unethical, power-hungry career-politicians,whose only honest concern is for their own re-election. We’ve made “public service” into a cruise down easy street. We, by neglect, have granted them powers which were never intended.

I sincerely hope, and believe, that 2010 will be historic. We’ve turned the page, so to speak, and our eyes have been forced open by the complete and blatant arrogance of this president, his administration and most specifically the 111th congress.

Its time to re-think some of the constitution’s amendments. The 14th and the 16th come to mind! As a people, WE need to set our course RIGHT. WE need to demand service from our public servants and re-take the power of government, placing it back in the hands of its right-owner… THE PEOPLE!

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