Carolina Restaurant “Bans Brats”

Recently, I came across an article about a Carolina Beach Restaurant which posted a sign reading:  “Screaming Children Will Not Be Tolerated”.

Personally, I agree 100%.  What was surprising to me where the number of people who felt it necessary to defend not only the screaming child but their parents as well.

From the orginal article:

“I’ve never seen a restaurant say, don’t bring your screaming kids in here,” said Ashley Heflin, who is a mom of two. “You can’t help it if your kids scream.”

Okay, that’s a crock of poop!  If you can’t control your child in a restaurant, than were do you expect to be able to control them?  A busy highway?  A dangerous cliff?  Please! 

No one is suggesting there aren’t exceptions to the rule, but when liberal parents make an arguement in support of their OWN unruly brats, based on someone else’s “exception”, it’s nothing but a cop-out!

Children NEED parents to guide them.  They need direction and discipline.  Allowing children to disrupt not only YOUR meal, but that of other innocent patrons is simply NOT acceptable behavior from the PARENT!

Do you think your child’s playmate and his family will invite your child to stay over for the weekend?  Without manners, common-curtesy and self-restraint, I can tell you the answer… NO!  Do you think your child will be “cute” throwing a tantrum over fries or onion rings when he’s 10?  12?  NO.

“Social Graces” are an important part of maturity.  When do we start instilling those principles in our children?  From the very beginning, that’s when.  To ignore the need for civility in our children, we ignore our children.  There is an appropriate time for everything.  A restaurant is NEVER the appropriate time for temper-tantrums, screaming, running-wild and/or acting out.  Unless we, as parents, establish right and wrong, we’re expecting our children to learn without OUR guidance.

Teach manners AT HOME, daily.  Family meal-time is the perfect place to establish simple, basic manners. 

The business owners OWN their business.  This is America and he/she has a right to establish rules within that business!  If their policies are “bad” – the public reacts by NOT frequenting the establishment.  No one’s loss but their own…  By contrast, if this business-owner makes GOOD decisions – their business is boosted. Either way .. it’s THEIR business and THEIR decision!

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