Obama: Democratic voter apathy ‘inexcusable’

By BEN FELLER | Published: 7:01 AM 09/28/2010 | Updated: 8:08 AM 09/28/2010


This president, his administration and the 111th congress have given voting democrats NOTHING to “buck-up” with… The “ball” he brought to the game, was a leaking beach-ball of hot air. He made vague promises. He never spoke of his true intent and all voters feel betrayed and lied to.

“It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election,” Obama said..

While true some Democrats and Progressive may be sitting on the sidelines, … He must be aware that many are VERY active… A record number of American citizens are crossing party lines as a direct result of the socialistic methodolgies forced on an unwilling people.

At the same time he’s alienated his own base, he’s succeeded in energizing grassroots America in a way that has rarely been exhibited in this country. Blatant lies, deep-seated corruption, newly inflamed cries of “racism”, unconstitutional power-grabs, the hiding of credientials and questionable associations, incessant anti-American rhetoric…the list is near endless.

I ask you, Obama? “How can you expect your team to show up for a game of hard ball with a deflated beach-ball such as yours?”

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